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White Gold Engagement Rings Buying Guide

Gold is perhaps the most treasured metals amongst the others found by mankind till date. The value gold lies in its durability and its scarcity. Moreover it is highly malleable and ductile so that it can easily be moulded into various shapes of various sizes. In language of science it is symbolized as Au which is the initials of its Latin name Aurums which means “shining dawn”. It is very shiny and do not rust easily. The colour of pure gold is yellow. It is widely sought for mainly currency and jewellery purposes. The economies of various nations depend upon their gold reserves. Advancement in the field of metallurgy has made it possible to produce coloured gold metals. This is achieved by alloying gold with other coloured metals. This could be done in various ways available to the mankind. Pure gold is 24 karat gold. Taking this as a standard gold is alloyed with various metals.

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Pure gold is not suitable for making ornaments. To impart the desired property it has to be alloyed with some metal or in other word some impurity has to be introduced. This may be done to enhance its ductility or malleability or to impart desired colours. Taking 13 parts gold and 11 parts other metal and then alloying them together produces gold ornaments which is called 13 karat gold. Similarly any ornament having 18 parts gold and 6 parts of other metal or metals produces 18 karat gold ornaments. You can get great engagement rings from white gold. Out of innumerable possible alloys of gold, to produce coloured gold, the most popular ones are the copper and the silver alloys of gold. Copper imparts red colour to the alloy thereby producing red gold while silver imparts the white colour which produces the most popular White Gold.

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White Gold can also be manufactured by alloying gold with Palladium, Nickel or Manganese. Usage of white gold for various purposes depends chiefly on the properties imparted to it by alloying. The alloy of gold with nickel produces white gold which is a bit hard and strong, so they are used mainly in making pins and rings. On the other hand alloy of gold with palladium produces white gold which is pliable, soft and are very popularly used for gemstone settings on white gold. With specialized goldsmiths at work, gold is often alloyed with platinum, silver and copper for the sole purpose of durability and weight. The term White Gold used in the industry in very vague way. As White Gold may not be purely white but gold with a whitish hue may also fall in this category. Even gold which are of very pale rose colour, pale yellow or tinted brown may also be categorized as white gold.

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According to a popular belief the colour of the rhodium plated gold is actual white gold though it’s not true fully. The above mentioned pale colours are often concealed by the industry people by simply rhodium plating them, thereby giving them an off white glow. White Gold is gaining popularity when the wedding ring has to be manufactured. White Gold gives the owner a feel of the precious metals like titanium or platinum but it is much cheaper than its look-alike titanium or platinum rings. With a well cut diamond the wedding ring becomes more attractive and shiny. Thinking of gold the first thing which comes into one’s mind is their traditional yellow colour. Thinking of gold mining produces in one’s mind the image of yellow nuggets of gold mined from the earth and then moulded into desirable jewellery.


Owing to their extremely soft nature, pure gold can never be used to produce ornaments. Some impurity has to be introduced. Yellow gold is popular among the people owing to its timeless property and a touch of traditional feeling alongside the feeling of purity. It has a regal touch and timeless passion. But trends have changed today. Though yellow gold is still very popular but white gold is gaining popularity at a very rapid pace. White gold is cheaper than yellow gold as it contains more impurity. It helps people to have wedding rings at cheaper rates for those who cannot afford to buy costly platinum or titanium rings for their loved ones. White Gold is perhaps the most popular material for manufacturing of wedding or engagement rings.Click here to read more Plus Size Beach Wedding Dress-The Ultimate Wedding Dress Styles


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