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Secrets To Buying Men’s Diamond Rings

While the presence of these tiny imperfections become the key factor in determining a real diamond from a fake, the quality and value of a diamond depends very much on a diamonds clarity. Diamond rings aren’t just for the ladies anymore. More men are wearing diamonds and men’s diamond rings are more in style now than they’ve ever been. Men’s diamond rings come in all kinds of shapes and sizes from small and simple to big and gaudy. Just because a ring has diamonds doesn’t mean it will look feminine. There are plenty of masculine men’s diamond rings to choose from. When looking for a man’s ring first you need to decide what color of gold you’d like. The majority of men choose yellow gold because it’s pretty traditional for men’s rings.

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But you don’t have to be like the “majority.” Put your own style into your ring and choose something that looks good on you. White gold can be a little tricky because not every one can wear it. Depending on your skin tone each color will look different. If you really want to spend some cash and stand out go for platinum gold. Again make sure that it matches your skin tone or it may look terrible. Once you’ve picked the color of gold that compliments your skin it’s time for the good stuff; the diamonds and the setting. Your personal tastes (and your budget) are what will determine which setting you’d like. Some of the most common men’s diamond rings settings include: channel setting, pave setting, flat-top setting, gypsy setting, and bead setting.

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A Diamonds ability to refract light is dependant on its degree of whiteness, making the whitest of white diamonds considerably more valuable than there lesser-white counterparts. You really have to try on a ring to decide whether you like it or not. Some rings look great until you put it on your hand. There are just certain styles that look better on certain people. If you’re buying men’s diamond rings for someone else be sure and take note of the shape and size of their hands. If he has larger hands you’re not going to want to buy him a ring with a thin band and small diamonds. Larger hands look better with wider bands; they keep his hands looking masculine. If he has smaller hands then a little smaller band will be the best choice. For smaller hands you want smaller diamonds as well; don’t want to buy a ring that’s overwhelming. Instead any men’s diamond rings that you buy should compliment a man’s hand not take it over. Many diamond jewellery retailers will try and over grade their diamonds in order to push the prices up. You should only buy jewellery from a trusted source.

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