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How to Buy the Engagement Ring And What types of engagement rings are there?

Basically,what are the different types of engagement ring settings and style? making a decision is just an easy thing to do but it will not happen if you are about to pick out the ring. Well, choose the right one for your lady can be the trickiest part of the whole process. Besides buying a house and a car could be the huge expense you probably will spend. But there is still another thing that you will purchase and it is also one of the he expenses you will ever spend in your life. It is called as buying an engagement ring for your beloved one. Of course there are so many questions you want to ask before you take too much wrong turns. So, in this article we are going to give something like a guide to buy an engagement ring. The ring can make her say ‘no’ though, like the cubic zirconia engagement rings for the example.

The design of Cubic zirconia engagement ring with a matching band in 14k w gold
Cubic zirconia engagement ring with a matching band in 14k w gold

What is the best  types of engagement ring cuts, stone and the design

First thing first: budget

Just like buying a new house or a new car, you need to set up the clear budget so you can manage the store that you would enter. Budget will also make you to be a realistic man because not all kind of ring that can be afford anyway. Well, you should check out the Vera Wang engagement rings. There are many models that probably would suit your criteria.

Where is the best place to buy engagement ring
Vera Wang 1 ct T.W. princess cut diamond double frame twist Engagement Ring in 14k white gold from Zales.

Work with the trustworthy jeweler

There are many jewelers you can find both online and offline. You need to work with jeweler that has good reputation. Other than that, you have to make sure that the jeweler has credentials and certifications so you will be comfortable to work with them. Reading online review will also help you to get the good jeweler after all. And if you buy a customized ring, it takes at least 6 weeks so you have to prepare it too. Or if you need more references, you can head to Neil Lane engagement rings.

where to create an engagement ring and to design my own engagement ring

Types of engagement ring styles and prices

Looking for the right style

Since the ring is for her and not for you, you need to know what her style and taste. You can look at her jewelry box or just look at what she wears. It describes a lot about her style especially for the jewelry taste. If you are confused, you can ask the designer of the jewelry too. Or you can also take her best friend or sibling or her closest friend to the jewelry shops in to give some advice and insight. It is very useful though. Her closest relative will know if your future fiancé is into pear shaped engagement rings or royal cut.

The unique engagement rings ideas and interesting engagement rings of Heart-Shaped Engagement Ring Cut

Deciding the band

Choosing the metal can be overwhelming too. After you find the right stone, you need to consider about the metal. The most famous metal is platinum and gold. Platinum offers the durability and hypoallergenic for the sensitive skin while the gold has a lot of color options. If you like the color of platinum but it does not fit your budget, what about white gold engagement rings?

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