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Creating the Picture Perfect Marriage Proposal Plan for Men

Perfect Marriage Proposal Plan for Men -If you are like most guys, you have most likely not given a lot of thought to the day you propose to the women who will hopefully become your wife. However, the average woman is certain to spend time spreading the story of your wedding proposal over the rest of your married life. With this in mind, it pays to spend a fair amount of time making sure your proposal will be one that no one will forget. Start at the Beginning Asking for her father’s blessing before a proposal. As much as you want to ask her to marry you, maybe you should consider asking her parents for their blessing. While this may seem a bit old fashioned and outdated, a recent poll published by Men’s Health found that 81 percent of women would still like for their future husband to ask one or both of her parents for their blessings. Experts say you should not ask for permission, after all what are you going to do if they say “No”? By asking for their blessings you are simply asking for their good wishes for an event that is already going to happen.

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Creating Your Plan of Action Marriage experts say that one of the most important things you can do when planning your marriage proposal, is to incorporate a range of personal elements into it. This lets her know that you have a good memory and pay attention to the little details. This means thinking about the first time you kissed, or that first date, or maybe you both said “I love you” to each other. The idea is to make your proposal seem so personalized that no one in the world could ever have the same one. Listen to what she has been saying. Chance are good that for as long as you have known each other, your intended has been dropping hints about her idea of the perfect proposal. Many women are pretty sure their man probably already has a pretty good idea of what his wife-to-be considers to be the perfect proposal.

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More importantly most women think their men will get it right, despite the fact she had nothing to do with the planning of the actual event itself. Keep it simple is the rule when it comes to your proposal. Far better the moment is romantic and memorable than lavish and overbearing. Just because having lots of friends and family around to witness the event sounds like a great plan, this does not mean your future wife will feel the same way. In fact a big crowd may prove to be more embarrassing than memorable. Location, Location, Location Never has this been truer than when the moment comes to “pop the question”. Women tend to be all over the place when it comes to their idea of the perfect place for a wedding proposal. Some might have a vacation spot in mind, others a favorite restaurant, and yet others a special place or landmark that both of you share.

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The most important thing to keep in mind is that you choose a place that has real meaning in your life. One of the most popular places is the place where you met or perhaps went on your first date. No matter where you go, make it somewhere that gives you the opportunity to start a conversation that allows you to get to the point where you can ask the big question “Will you marry me?” Even if you can’t keep the event a surprise, you can make it full of little surprises including where you will ask or the timing. One final thought is to be sure you bring the ring with you as almost one third of men who plan to propose forget this all important symbol of undying love and commitment.Five Great Marriage Proposal Ideas.Read more article about Charming beauty of oval engagement rings by clicking here.


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