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Best Place to Buy an Engagement Ring

Buy an Engagement Ring -The time has come for you to buy an engagement ring and you are faced with one big decision that was non-existent less than a quarter of a century ago. This is whether you should buy your engagement ring in the old-fashioned way by going into your local jewelry store, or if you might be better off shopping online and trying to save a little money. Each of these forms of shopping has their advantages and disadvantages.

Typical Questions about Buying an Engagement Ring Online

Is shopping online for an engagement ring safe?Is the quality of jewelry for sale online on par with that sold in typical off-line stores?Is there likely to be a problem, since I won’t be able to physically see the diamond?Are the low prices I see really too good to be true?If I buy my engagement ring online, can I return it if not satisfied or it needs to be resized? Let’s take each one of these very basic questions and look at them more closely to see just how important they are to making your decision as to where you buy your engagement ring. Is Shopping Online for an Engagement Ring Safe? The easy answer to this, is that yes it is now considered to be perfectly safe to buy diamonds online. The reason for this is that in the past few years online shopping security has increased exponentially.

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Where once shopping online was considered to be risky and identity theft was rampant, reputable online dealers and the banking system have worked tirelessly to create one of the safest online shopping environments in the world. Bear in mind it is up to you to find reputable online jewelers and diamond merchants. Do your homework and spend a little extra time using the Internet as your research tool. Not only do you need to be sure the online retailer you plan to shop with uses a secure shopping cart, but you need to be sure your package will be delivered somewhere where you can sign for it and ensure it arrives safely and intact.

Is the Quality of Jewelry for Sale Online On Par with that Sold in Off-Line Stores?

In reality the quality of any jewelry you buy, whether on or off-line depends more on the standards established by the individual retailer than anything else does. It is easy to think that you are going to get better quality diamonds and jewelry from a bricks and mortar store simply because you will be there. But in all actual fact the final quality is determined by the skill of the craftsman and the quality of the raw materials used to craft the final piece.

Is there Likely to Be a Problem, Since I Won’t Be Able to Physically See the Diamond? This may in fact be the most common question most people ask, it also the biggest difference between on and off-line shopping. While online dealers have the advantage of being able to offer a larger selection at lower prices, off-line retailers have always tried to justify their higher prices by saying that by shopping with them you have the ability to see what you are buying. The good news is that many online retailers now offer images of their jewelry and diamonds under up to 40X magnification.

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Doing this allows you to see the diamond in as much detail as you would be able to if you were holding the ring in your hand. Not only will you be able to judge the overall clarity of the gem, but also a number of other important factors required to help you make the right choice. Depending on the online retailer you will be working with, you may find they let you see the jewelry for free before you buy it. Reputable dealers provide you with a diamond certificate from one from one of the recognized rating institutes such as the AGS (American Gem Society) or the GIA (Gemological Institute of America). Are the Prices I See Really Too Good to Be True?

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When looking at the incredibly low prices you see online, it is very easy to assume that they are too good to be true or are simply an indication of lesser quality. In reality, the low prices are simply a reflection of the significantly lower costs most online retailers seem to enjoy. Brick and mortar stores tend to have far higher operating costs than are reflected in their higher prices in an attempt to continue making a profit. Stores must cover things such as rent, mortgage payments, utilities, employees’ wages, equipment, and more.

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These are things that online retailers typically do not have to deal with and as such these reduced operating costs are reflected in their lower retail prices. If I Buy My Engagement Ring Online, Can I Return It If Not Satisfied or It Needs to Be Resized? One of the final questions most buyers ask has to do with an engagement ring that they are not satisfied or it does not fit. The obvious answer is that each online retailer has its own specific return policies, but most reputable ones will allow you to return or exchange an engagement ring if you are not happy with it or if you need to have it resized to fit your future significant other.

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READ How to Buy 14K Gold Rings for Men & Women – Mens White Gold Wedding Band Rings ?In many cases you will find that online retailers will give you up to one year to have your purchase resized, however you need to check the retailer’s policies before you decide where to shop. So Should You Buy Your Engagement Ring Online or Offline? In the end the final decision as to where you should buy your engagement ring is entirely personal. However, the above information should help you to realize that shopping online is a perfectly safe and acceptable way to buy your ring. While you might be able to touch and see each ring in person in a bricks and mortar store, you can get far more for your money when shopping at a reputable online retailer.  Their products are of the highest quality and their prices are very reasonable. You can even design your own engagement ring on their site. How Much Should You Spend on an Engagement Ring?It Easier Than You Think to Design Your Own Engagement Ring.




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